Preparing Your Pet for a Photo Shoot


Below are a few suggestions that may help ensure we capture some great images of your dog/pet.  Usually I like to start every session with a "getting to know you" time.  This time helps your pet relax a little around me and gives me the opportunity to get a feel for your pet's personality.  There are also a few things you can do, both before and during your pet's session.  I feel these things will help get you and your pet ready and give us a better chance for a successful photo shoot.  

1. Scout out and choose a familiar and comfortable location for your pet.  It is important to try and keep the pet as comfortable as possible during the photo shoot.  Sometimes this means that inside your home on his/her favorite chair is the best option.

2. Hair & Make-up!   Yes, grooming is important but you don't have to bring your pet to a professional groomer for this.  I suggest that you at least give a good all over brushing.  You might also want to check the nails, ears and eyes.  If the nails need trimming or ears need cleaning or there are eye boggers, I would suggest taking care of these things too.  If you are planning a trip to a professional groomer or bathing your dog, I suggest doing this a day or 2 prior to your scheduled photo shoot. 

3. Keep in mind that if your pet wears a collar, this will most likely show in the photo.  If the collar is getting rather old and poor looking you might want to think about taking it off and going collarless or picking up a new one.  

4. Give your pet some good exercise about an hour before his/her shoot.  Take him/her for a nice long walk or play a good game of fetch.

5. Make sure you have some of your pet's favorite treats on hand and cut or broken into small pieces.

6. Around the time of your photo shoot keep your pet a little hungry.  This will help him/her to be more responsive to treats during the photo shoot.

7. Collect a few of your pet's favorite toys.  One or two would be great.

8. Brush up on your his/her's sit, down and stay commands a few days prior to your photo shoot.

9. Remember your mood, feelings, attitude are picked up easily by your pet.  We want the photo shoot to be a positive experience for both of you.  Please don't get mad at your pet if he/she doesn't seem to be cooperating.  Remember, I do not charge by the hour and patience is our friend.  

10. ENJOY!